Wrap Trench Coat

Okay, this coat was a risky buy, but for how cheap it was I figured it was a risk I could afford to take. Although most of the time, I only showcase clothes that are Prime or at least offer free shipping, I wanted to share this coat with you guys because it ended up being one of my favorites! It took quite a while for this item to arrive, and I don’t think it had a tracking number. When it did come, I was unimpressed initially. The material felt rough; the jacket lacked shape; it was too big and did not look as pictured once on. I really wanted this jacket to work though. In the picture, it looked like something straight out of Olivia Pope’s coat closet, and I just had to have it! However, I am nowhere near having an Olivia Pope budget, so this cheap coat was gonna have to work! I decided to give it one more shot and see if I could make this coat look as pictured by getting it altered and taken in and I am so glad I did! Due to the inexpensive cost of the coat, I was able to use what I saved to get it altered to fit me perfectly! I love this coat now! It truly can be dressed up or down, and it comes in multiple colors!

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