5 Piece Crystal Bar Set, Decanter and Glass Set

For my husband's birthday one year I got all the fixings to create an at-home bar cart, and this decanter set was part of the setup! I found out just a week later that I was pregnant and in less than a year we had the whole thing stored away and don't plan on getting it all out for another 18 years haha. However, when we redecorated our dining room, we added floating shelves. This allowed us to display some of the bar cart items I had purchased without having to worry about the kids getting to them! This set is of quality and looks great! Since having kids though we do not often drink so at this point, the decanter acts more of a decorative piece these days. However, it does work well on the rare occasion it is filled, and we use the glasses quite often. After a lot of uses and washes, the glasses still look great three years later!

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