Dining Room

When I was first brainstorming about the look of our dining area, I automatically went to a gray and white color scheme. Then I took one look at the high chair and toddler table and realized light colors in an eating area would not be a smart bet!

I then began looking up images of dining rooms that had a dark navy blue color scheme. As you explore my site, you will see I have a hard time venturing outside the box when it comes to color! Navy blue, white, and gray are the reoccurring color schemes throughout my house. Our dining room has seen many nights of spaghetti on the floor, juice spilled on the table, and sticky hands all over the chairs. But due to the dark colors and quality of the furniture, we can wipe everything clean, and the mess never shows!

Most of the accent and decor items you see are from Amazon! I have linked everything you see photographed below!

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