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My son's super cute US Coast Guard approved racer themed life jacket can be found here!

Just like a little black dress is a staple in every women's closet, I think a little black bikini should be a staple in a women's swimwear collection! Except I don't like my swimsuits to be little, I need them to offer a decent amount of coverage. ;)

For those mamas rockin a baby bump this summer, here are a few quick tips to finding the right bathing suit! Two of my babies were born in September, so I have had my share of summer pregnancies.

While pregnant, I like wearing two pieces because, well... that's all the fits me! However, the bottoms on most don't offer enough coverage. To combat this I...

  • Buy a high waisted bikini and wear the bottoms the same way I would any swimsuit, (rather than over my midsection like intended with that style). See here!(My babies have been between 8 to 10 lbs, so it's hard for me to get anything over that bump towards the end).
  • Or I will get a regular bikini, and given how reasonably priced the suits are on Amazon, I will buy the same suit in two different sizes. (Petition for two-piece swimsuit sets to give you the option to chose different sizing for the top and bottoms! ) I keep the extra suit on hand for the times my weight fluctuates. I have found there are a lot of ways to repurpose the other suit!
  • There are also maternity swimsuits, and you could always get a one-piece in a bigger size to accommodate your growing belly!

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