High Waisted Plaid Bikini

This swimsuit was what I was picturing when searching for new suits to wear while pregnant! It has excellent coverage, and the style is adorable! It has a classic blue and white checkered plaid pattern, and the ruffles on the top give it a feminine touch! The underwire in the top offers excellent support and helps perk up the girls! I exclusively breastfed all my babies and let's just say my breasts can use all the support they can get!

The only issue I came across was having to order this swimsuit twice in two different sizes. I bought this to wear while pregnant, so I ordered a large to ensure the bottoms gave me complete coverage, which they did! However, the top was way too big for me, so I ended up ordering another suit in a small to ensure the top fit properly. Due to the low price, the cute design, and how much coverage the suit provided, I didn't mind buying it twice in two different sizes to ensure each piece fit properly! This swimsuit comes in three different colors; I ordered mine in blue!

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