Christmas Tree Decor

This Christmas tree goes up in our family/playroom every year, so I needed to make sure the tree and the ornaments would be safe for the kids.

The tree itself is gorgeous and doesn't need much added to it. The tree comes pre-lit and is very easy to assemble (only three parts!) I will say all the fake snow and glitter does shed, especially when setting up, so be prepared to vacuum after setting it up. The tree does come with white cloth gloves, which made assembling and spacing out the branches much more comfortable on my hands! I love the snowdrift look of this tree! It looks gorgeous both day and night, especially when all lit up.

Since the kids love to take ornaments off the tree, I decided to go with silk poinsettias. They are soft, large, and if they fall off the tree, they don't have the potential of hurting the kids! I just rested each flower in a branch on the tree, and they stayed in place! By only using these silk flowers, the tree was decorated in no time and looked beautiful!

The kids have their own little tree in their bedroom, and they usually want to hang their handmade and superhero ornaments on that one, but I am proud to display their works of art on our tree if they ever want that! Below you will find every item I used to get this look, and it can all be found on Amazon!

Christmas Tree

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