Mantel Christmas Decor

To shop simply click on the number correlating to the item pictured! Pinterest Pint-Christmas Mantel Decor 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (I chose the dark frame, with the ivory background and olive text.)

Pure white stockings when I have three kids five and under?? Am I crazy?!!... Yes, but just a little ;) I am sorry, but this mama loves decorating, especially Christmas decorating, and I could not pass up buying these gorgeous handmade stockings when I saw them on Amazon Handmade. I reaced out to the vendor via Instagram and she also creates beautiful acrylic name tags for each stocking, if you want them to be personalized! I have always loved decorating in white, gold, and silver for Christmas time, so these stockings fit in perfectly! These are the stocking hangers I used to hang them!

The mirror is just part of my mantel’s everyday decor, but I love how well it ties into all the Christmas decorations as well! The mirror is gorgeous, sturdy, and of high quality!

The candle holders are perfect for holiday decorating! I use this same set on my dining table when hosting a holiday event. Due to how well the candles match the mirror, I leave these up all year long too! These are the candles I used to fill them!

The Christmas sign is a well crafted handmade item I found on Etsy. The sizing options offered were either too big or too small for my mantel, so I contacted the seller, and they made one in a custom size!

The garland I love because it is battery operated, so I don’t have to have any cords dangling down to the outlet to light it up. The battery pack has a built-in timer, as well!

You can find all the items pictured linked below!

Mantel Decor

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