Black Formal Gown

My life does not call for fancy galas, but I was invited to my first one a while ago and thought I would try to find something from Amazon for the event!

Since I rarely attend events that call for floor-length formal gowns, I did not want to invest too much in a dress. I wanted something black, simple, and elegant. Because I wasn't looking for a gown with intricate beading or details, I figured it was safe to go a more inexpensive route! I am glad I did because it would have been more expensive to rent a dress, a dress I wouldn't even be able to keep! This dress fit well and was long enough for me to pair with some sexy peep toe ankle wrapped high heels!

I ordered one size up after reading about its tight fit. I am glad I did because that way the dress wasn’t completely hanging onto every part of my midsection (mom of two over here with a little mom pooch) Despite getting a size up I would highly recommend wearing some form of shapewear underneath this dress. The material clings, and the right shapewear will give the dress a beautiful smooth look. I wore this one.

I am 5’8,” and the gown still hit the floor with the five-inch heels I was wearing.

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