Rachel Parcell Black Wrap Midi Dress

The only dresses you will find on this site that are not from Amazon will be from the Rachel Parcell Collection. (Quick side note: The shoes and belt I styled this dress with are from Amazon. You can get the shoes by clicking on the image below and the waist belt here. I 100% copied the exact way Rachel herself styled this dress, haha!) Rachel is the first fashion blogger I ever followed, and she is the one who inspired me to start this site! Despite my dedication to shopping for my clothing items on Amazon, when I saw she was designing her own collection, I became immediately hooked!

I wanted to share this particular RP dress because it is great for mamas who are nursing and just had a baby. I purchased this dress because I was a guest at a wedding five weeks after giving birth to my little girl. Obviously, I was not at my pre-pregnancy weight just weeks after delivering, so I needed a dress that would fit, look flattering on me, and easy to nurse in. Not only did this dress hit all the marks, but it made me feel more confident! It hugs you in all the right places, has the most flattering fit, and because it is a wrap dress, you can alter the neckline to be lower or higher. This feature was especially important to me because I needed an adjustable neckline to nurse my baby easily. The best part about this dress is I can wear it when I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight as well! It is one of those dresses that look great on you regardless of your size! The subtle puff shoulder sleeve detail gives this dress a stylish and chic finish! The material is soft and elegant, and I felt gorgeous in it all night! I love this dress so much I plan on ordering it in the floral print pattern as well!

You can shop for this dress at Nordstrom (link below). I ordered mine in a medium in the color black.

Black Waist Belt

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