Blue Front Tie Midi Dress

This dress is one of my most favorite dresses for summer! I love it so much I also ordered it in a solid navy blue color.

The A-line waist makes it a great dress to wear while pregannt or postpartum wear! The front tie design makes this dress all easy to breastfeed in!

The material of this dress is of a thinner material than the solid navy blue one I ordered, but due to the print and dark color, it isn't see-through. It is comfortable, breathable, and fits true to size. I could not find a bra that would work with this dress.

After exclusively breastfeeding two babies for about 2 and half years my breasts have seen some umm "perkier" days. I was worried that by not wearing a bra, my chest would not feel supported; however, the front tie allows you to make it as tight as you need for the girls to feel supported. I am pretty small chested, and there were times where I would have to readjust so some dress tape wouldn't hurt. I think this dress could work for bustier women if you order based on your chest size. This dress comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. I ordered mine in a small in the color "Navy Blue 2."

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